Let the plague begin...

What once was Kanpai Cubs, these Cubs have been Plagued by so much negative energy as the results of the recent Rug...  Now transformed into Plague Doctors, absorbing all negative energy on the #Solana Blockchain so that no one has to go through what we have!

Spread the plague...

Follow our community to find out how the plague is growing...

Phase 1


  • New Founder Established
  • Royalties' wallet address switched
  • Creation of New Team
  • Find new artist to change the look of Cubs
Phase 2

Rebuild Community

  • Creation of new discord
  • Make a smooth Transition to new discord
  • Raise number of community members to 5k
  • Creation of Polls section to provide community with a voice
  • Community voting on future decisions
  • Creation of Website
  • Collab with other communities
  • Round out the Team
  • Selecting a member to be head of Raids
  • Hiring game master (Gartic, poker, etc.)
  • Continuation of WL Collabs
Phase 3

Plague Doctors

  • Finish all art designs for Plague Doctors
  • Announce Minting Date
  • Announce Mint amount
  • Announce Pre-Mint for OG holders
  • Burn all 999 Kanpai Cubs for free mint to Holders
  • Open WL minting => Public Mint
  • List on Secondary Market (Magic Eden)
  • Update Verification with Metahelix
  • Creation of Token for Plague Doctors
  • Creation of Staking for all Plague Doctors
  • Slowly Feed the LP from funds
Phase 4


  • Creation of Gen2: Potions
  • Finish Potion Art
  • Finish Traits attached to potion (100 different traits)
  • Create Candy Machine to produce new NFTs with Mutant Traits (no-overlay on ANY NFT)
  • Have Potions placed on secondary market under Plague Doctors
  • Have Plagued Mutations placed on secondary market under Plague Doctors
  • Offer Candy Machine VIA Potion usage to other projects for single price
  • Put % of Sales into LP of Token
Was this a De-Rug?

Yes, this project has rebranded from Kanpai Cubs into Plague Doctors.

What can I do with a Kanpai Cub?

Burn it for a Free Plague Doctor at 1 to 1.

When is mint?

Cub Burn is June 9th @ 18:00 UTC to June 10th @ 17:00 UTC              
WL Mint is June 10th @ 18:00 UTC and will run 6 hours.

Will there be a public mint?

Public Mint will go live right after WL mint. June 11th @ 00:00

How much is it to mint?

The equivalent of $85 USD, which will be locked into a SOL price prior to Mint.

What secondary marketplace platform will you be using?

Magic Eden.

Is the founder Doxed?

Yes, both publicly doxed and privately doxed with Alder Mages.

What are some benefits of holding a Plague Doctor?

We aren’t just a PFP NFT project, Plague Doctors will have utility. Holding a Plague Doctor NFT qualifies you for staking to create $Plague, access to Potions and Plagued NFTs candy machine, Three forms of income, one passive, two secondary sales. Entry into the Plagued Verse.